Review: The Pisces by Melissa Broder [Eng]

Lucy and her boyfriend Jamie are taking a break. She does not like the idea, but since it was technically hers she has to go through with it. So when her sister asks her to come to her beach house to dogsit her dog Dominic while she is in Europe, she agrees. She also joins a therapy group for women who have no luck in love. When she finds out that Jamie is with a new woman, she starts dating and having casual sex, but does not feel fulfilled by it. But then she meets Theo who she at first thinks is a swimmer who likes swimming at night. Well, she is not completely wrong, but instead of a wetsuit, Theo has a merman tail…

Crass language, very detailled sex scenes and mean thoughts – Melissa Broder’s book The Pisces isn’t for the faint of heart. I found it fascinating, a page turner with a rather unlikeable main character. The writing totally sucked me into the story even though I was not rooting for Lucy. But that was also part of the charme – an antihero with deep complexes and strange thoughts about love and men. Plus, there were a lot of questions that kept me hooked: Was Theo a real merman? If so, was he a kind mythical creature or was there something darker underneath? And would Lucy find love even if she was not deserving of it?

A fresh take on an old myth. This merman Story is definitely for grown ups.


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